bad at blogging

I'm in canada. The lovely cold tundra up north. Heh. its rained a lot. I have conquered the subway. I even found a little tacky gift shop with maple leaf keychains, coffee mugs, mouse pads, patches, etc.

I LOVE the Star -- I had my first graphic run today. And by graphic I mean a nonsense locater map, but its in there, and I can put it in my portfolio I suppose if I am short on maps. :)

I go really back and forth with things right now-- when I am out and about in the city, I decide I could absolutely live here forever! (I mean, I gotta get legalized, but thats a later detail, right?) But the moment I am back in my icky dorm room, I am more homesick than you could possibly imagine.

The homesick eases each day, the more I get to know the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but its still hard to be away from everything familiar in my life!


T-Minus 6 days...

I leave Sunday morning EARLY.

I have nothing packed, really have no plans... lol.

But I am excited? My parents are freaking out-- mom went today and got cash converted to Canadian money, because she is afraid the airports will rip me off and then I'll starve while I am there. Eh. I'd probably be alright, but I'm glad she is worrying.

I wish I was more worried about details, but instead I am worried that I'm not gonna be good enough in the newsroom to get anything published. Guess we'll find out this week!!


Here it goes...

It seems only appropriate that when starting a new adventure, I should chronicle it.... thus, the new blog. I feel as though not many people travel to Canada for 3 months, and so the story should probably be told. Be prepared for my complaints and freak-outs... because so far, its proved to be a challenge to live outside the US... and I'm not even there yet!!

I will be in Toronto from May - August interning in the graphics department at the Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in Canada! I will (hopefully) be living downtown, taking the subway or bus or somethin to work every day, and then try and figure out my way around at night.

But, I don't have a place to live yet. So... if you have any bud's up north who need a subletter for the summer, you know who to contact!

I have already found out that a lot of people don't want to let you live with them until you actually get to meet them in person.... which proves to be an issue seeing as I don't live in Toronto... or Canada.... or even somewhere close. So I guess I will just have to win them over with my wit and charm. Or I'll just live in a box. Whichever works.